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We are a team of dedicated individuals that can help you each step of the way on the purchasing process for the fuel you or your buyer's are needing.

We are not Reseller's nor Brokers of fuel that most normally go through and because of, normally loose the deal to.  We are Direct as one can be, to the fuel source.

You can count on us to bring you the best  


Our team members - Alan Fryer, Curt Mitchener and Frederick Vanderliest are all dedicated in their abilities to make the process as seamless as possible.. 

Curt Mitchener is the Direct USA Representative to the Russian Mandates. 
Alan Fryer is his Direct Assistant and is equally versed in the fuel buying process.
Frederick Vanderliest is also Directly connected,  equally versed and can help you to purchase your fuels.

Remeber to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand as if you were talking directly to your customer.

If you can follow the process... the fuel is there.  Give us the courtesy of direct communication when, and if, an issues comes up and/or exsists along the way - we can get things back on track and you will get your fuel.  BUT, if you go your own route - modifying steps along the way with no word or knowledge - you will not get your fuel and it is all on you.