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Ref. No:  Oil-Product-2020 ARC 002
Date of Issue: March 20th, 2020                                                                                                                                 Expiry Date: March 31st , 2020
To: End Buyer / Registered Mandate
We the undersigned LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY OIL SERVICE with full Corporate and legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury confirms that our Seller Refinery are ready, willing and able to sell and supply the following Products on the following terms and with total guarantee to meet the specifications and pass through the stringent of SGS or Equivalent, hence complies with the Sellers procedure and prices.  
But must go through the Direct USA Representative - Curt Mitchener
All supply is guaranteed to meet the standard specifications and to pass the stringent requirements of SGS or equivalent in compliance with ICC international regulations.

              ORIGIN: Russian Federation
              GRADE: Russian Export Grade
              COMMISSION STRUCTURE: (50% / 50% Buyer side & Seller side (Closed))
              TRIAL LIFT PURCHASE:   NON-Negotiable Procedures 
              CONTRACT TERM: 12 months minimum (with rolls and extensions) Negotiable Procedures once Trial Lift completed
              PAYMENTS TERM: MT103, or LC or BG or SBLC or DLC  or  POF
              INSPECTION BY: SGS


Minimum Quantity: 50,000 METRIC TONS Per Month
Maximum Quantity: 500,000 METRIC TONS Per Month
Price: Gross $190.00 USD/$170.00 USD NET on FOB - ROTTERDAM / HOUSTON

Commission:  $3.00 / $3.00 (Seller side Closed)

     A.  Buyer Must Sign DTA as a Real Buyer.

     B.  Buyer Must be able to Prove he/she is Licensed Buyer to Buy Fuel and Have Import/Export License. Buyer Must send License                           Information to be Verified to be Considered a Real Buyer.



1-Seller sends SCO through their Authorized Mandate

2- Buyer review SCO and sends ICPO alongside with certificate of Registration and Scanned Passport Copy.

3) Seller Complete DD and sends Commercial Invoice (CI)

4) Buyer signs CI and returns back seller all along with TSA for Seller verification and Approval of its Validity.

5) Upon Sellers approval of the Buyers TSA, Buyer makes request of the Payment Invoice from their Tank Farm for Both Seller and Buyers Payment.

6) Buyer pays One (1) day of Buyers Tank fees and Seller pays for Four (4) days (Depending on the product volume) upon Seller’s swift wire MT 103 is confirmed by the buyer Tank farm.

7) Buyers Provide “Five (5)” days TSR, and ATI as issued by their Tank Farm.

8) Sellers verify ATI and sends “Injection Schedule” and Injection commences immediately to Buyers leased Tank and after complete of injection, Seller immediately provides full POP as below:

          A. Notarized Commercial Invoice (CI);
          B. Injection report on Buyers shore tank Rotterdam (IR)
          C. Unconditional Dip Test Authorization Letter (DTA)
          D. Authority to Sell & Collect the fund (ATSC)
          E. Statement of product availability
          F. Certificate of Origin Russia
         G. Registration & Export License;
         H. Fresh SGS
           I. Authorization to verify (ATV)

9) Buyer verifies Full POP as above and conduct dip test (if necessary) and upon successful dip test, buyer pays via MT-103/TT.

10) Seller transfer Title on buyers name and pays commission within 48 hours to all intermediaries as mentioned in the IMFPA.

11) Subsequently monthly shipment continues as per terms and conditions of the PSA between both parties as may be signed.

1. Buyer issues ICPO, and company registration certificate and data page of buyer’s Passport or any I.D.

2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for Buyer to sign and returns back to seller with their official valid TSA.

3. Seller leases and pays the Buyer’s tank for 3 days and Buyer do pay his Tank Farm Company for 2 days making it 5 days, upon his Tank Farm Company confirmation of both payments, the Tank Farm issues a valid TSR in Buyers name for the commencement of the product injection into the Buyers Tank.

4. Seller issues to Buyer the:

         (a) TSR
         (d) GPS Coordinate-Tank Storage
         (e) Authority To Sell
         (g) Injection Report
         (h) NCNDA / IMFPA 

5. Seller issues DTA and SGS report in 3 days to Buyer, Buyer conducts Dip test on the product and makes the payment for the total value of product injected into the tanks through the means of MT103-TT. For the transfer of the Title of Ownership to the Buyer.

6. Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subsequently, monthly shipment continues as per terms and conditions of the sales and purchase agreement contract between buyer and Seller. 

                             No advance payment, No product passport Fee, No transfer of ownership fee, No pipeline transfer fee or any other extra cost                                       including any export charges or port charges at Rotterdam. It’s FOB and therefore it is seller’s responsibility to load the product.  


  • The trading procedure is fixed for the spot lift.
  • Buyers who have existing contracts with our seller(s) are to proceed with the trading terms agreed in their Contract/Subsequent lift.
  • Any logistics company contracted by the buyer must have full legal and operational status required by the Port Authorities without  which they cannot be permitted to verify and provide necessary details to buyer in addition to the avoidance of contamination of the product Q&Q.

  • The answer to your question is yes... We have fuel available in Rotterdam and Houston.. IF your Buyer can follow the Refineries procedures ... there should be no problems with getting their fuel - Someone needs to have Tanks/Vessel available at the start of the deal... The Buyer must either show that they currently own/leased or as below...
  • We have had similar request for fuel in Sellers tanks... if that is your need

  • Our Mandate stated ""Kindly inform your buyer that it is not possible to conduct DIP TEST Without Tank or Vessel in place. If the buyer doesn't want to pay for his tank for whatever reason, he can extent seller Tank to allow buyer to conduct the TEST and hold the product till when buyer arranges for his vessel to inject the product.

    Buyer should know a minimum of 8hrs after DIP TEST - Product INJECTION could begin or demur-rage will set in - therefore seller will not        accept to incur demur-rage on product because of a buyer they have never known. 

  • If pricing and procedures are acceptable please endorse SCO and return with ICPO/PO:

    1 LOI/ICPO/PO should be made out to "OIL SERVICE LLC". with REF Number Oil-Product-2020 ARC 002
    2 Looking forward to do business with you, have a long lasting relationship with your company and more transactions in the nearest             future.
    3 Anticipating your Irrevocable Purchase Order

  • CPO/PO will be sent to CURT MITCHENER only and can be sent directly to his address below or to the site standard E-mail  address (Via MoBiz Marketing Group, LLC).

Curt Mitchener
Email: [email protected]
skype:  curt43


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