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Planning time right

No time like the present to order and purchase the fuel needed. We are in direct contact to the Mandates. 

If you actually have an end buyer and not just looking for one - saying you are ready... then we can proceed to get you the fuel needed.  You will need to follow the procedures in place set by the Mandates and Refinery assigned.. If you are asking for some reasonable changes then ADD them to the LOI/ICPO/PO then the Mandate and Refinery will look and possibly negotiate those changes - not after the PO is issued and CI is returned. 

Staff meetings

The easiest way to communicate is using SKYPE - Simplest way for the deal participants to communicate effectively. - The KEY WORD is communicate - do not go out on your own to modify or pay some fee requested without asking us first - could save you time and a lot of money.

You can text one of us or send an e-mail to setup a SKYPE call.  We want to make the process to purchase fuel as easy as possible.  We cannot help you if you do not communicate with us. 

Ordering processs

IF you can agree to the set procedures then the Deal will go through... remember that the Refineries make and own the product and have their own procedures in place -  Minor negotiations is when you first send in the LOI/ICPO/PO not later.

We specialize in supplying Jet A1, D2, D6 and crude oil via our reliable suppliers normally under the condition of FOB port of Rotterdam and Houston. Buyer is strongly encouraged to have storage tanks ready at the start of the process to minimize any chance of hiccups. Storage of FUEL is not FREE. (Appx. $35,000 to $40,500 per DAY per TANK)

We typically do not require upfront fees or deposit. However it's mandatory that buyer has good financial standing to fulfill the contracted obligations and STORAGE in place at the start of the process.

Checking progress

It is just a phone call, e-mail or text away.

We will keep you as informed as we possibly can... But YOU also need to keep us informed...  This way we all are on the same page.  If you are having difficulties - let us know..